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The College seeks to maintain all student charges at a minimum without sacrificing its high standards of quality education. For a list of the charges, see Tuition and Fees below. If future requirements necessitate cost adjustments, the College reserves the right to change fees, modify services, or change its programs without notice.

Administrative Fees:

Application Fee (One-time, non-refundable, non-transferable fee) $25.00
On Campus Semester Enrollment Fee ($6.00 per semester hour)
On Campus Library Fee ($6.00 per semester hour)
Distant Learning Enrollment Fee (per semester hour) $12.00


Per semester hour $115.00
Audit Fee $57.50

Dormitory Room Fee:

Dorm Reservation Fee (one-time, non-refundable fee) $50.00
Single occupancy (per semester) $1800.00
Double occupancy (per semester) $900.00


MSCC does not operate a cafeteria. Limited food storage and preparation facilities are provided in some areas of the dormitory. A wide variety of restaurants are located close to the campus.

Miscellaneous Fees:

Late Enrollment Fee $100.00
Late Payment Fee $1.5% payment due
Lost Key Fee $100.00
Finance Fee $25.00
Parking Fee (per semester) $10.00
Technology Fee (per semester)
Full-Time $100
Part-Time $ 50
Schedule changes after two weeks $25.00 per change
Extension or Incomplete Request Form Fee $25.00
Lab fee for designated courses $10.00 - $25.00
Transcript Fee (first copy is free) $10.00
(Fee must accompany written request.)
Populi Student Service Fee $75.00
Exam Late Fee $10.00
Proctoring Fee $15.00

Private Vocal or Instrumental Instruction - Individuals who are not regular members of the MSCC faculty provide private vocal or instrumental instruction. Fees for such instruction is determined by the instructor. Students desiring academic credit for these lessons will pay for one semester hour tuition each semester.

Graduation Fee:

Certificates $50.00
Associate Degree $75.00
Bachelor Degrees $125.00

The following is an example of the cost per semester for a full-time student taking 16 hours and living in college housing.

Enrollment Fee: $96
Library Fee: $96
Populi Fee: $75.00
Tuition (16 semester hours): $1840
Dormitory Rent: $900
Books (estimated): $200
Parking Fee: $10
Technology Fee: $100
Miscellaneous (estimated): $75

Total (per semester): $3392

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