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Every student in a four-year degree program must complete at least 38 semester hours of course work from the Biblical/Theological Division and 45 hours of course work from the General Studies Division. In addition, 50 semester hours must be taken in courses from, or related to, the Ministries Division. Eight courses: PM101, PM331, PM401, CE101, CG101, MU101, CG201, and BU301 are required of all students. The remaining hours may be concentrated in one ministry area, or split in two ministry areas, if approved by the Academic Dean. MSCC uses the term "Concentration" where some institutions use the term "Major." The Ministries Division includes concentrations in Christian Education [Youth Ministry], Church Growth and Missions, and Preaching/Pastoral Ministry.

Associate Degree students must complete 23 semester hours from the Biblical/Theological Division, 23 semester hours from the General Studies Division, and 20 semester hours from the Ministries Division. Eight of the 20 semester hours must be concentrated in one ministry area.

A four-year degree student must choose his area or areas of ministry by the beginning of the sophomore year. Associate degree students should choose their area of ministry by the beginning of their second semester. From that point a faculty advisor will work closely with the student to help him select courses that will meet program requirements.
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