Administrative Staff


[Staff who also teach classes are indicated by the term "adjunct professor"]


Mr. Larry A. Griffin

President, Adjunct Professor Missions & Church Growth
B.A.: Mid-South Christian College, 1981

M.A.: Fuller Theological Seminary, 1986

Ministries, 1978-

Missionary with Team Expansion, 1982-2000

MSCC 1994

Executive Vice-President: MSCC, 2000-2001

President, 2001-

Office: 901-375-4400 Ext. 11
Cell: 901-626-0004
Email: [email protected]

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Mr. William H. Griffin, Chancellor Emeritus


B.A.: Memphis Christian College, 1964
Additional Studies:
Harding Graduate School of Religion
Professional Experience:
Ministries, 1959-80
Faculty Service:
Special Assistant to President: MSCC, 1978-80
Director of Public Relations: MSCC, 1980-82
Executive Vice-President: MSCC, 1982-86
Assistant to the President: MSCC, 1986-88
President: MSCC, 1988-1996
Chancellor, 1997-


Mr. Wray Graham

Academic Dean & Adjunct Professor Bible & Christian Ministries

B.S.L.: Ozark Christian College, 1972
M.T.S.: Tyndale University, College & Seminary, Toronto, Canada 1982

Missionary with TCM, 1971-76

Missionary with Global Missionary Ministries 1976-1984

Cross-cultural pastoral ministry in Toronto,
Canada: 1975-1997

Preaching ministry in MS1997 - 2003

Preaching ministry in TN 2003 -

Instructor: Ontario Christian Seminary, 1976 - 1996

MSCC, 1997 - 

Academic Dean: MSCC 2000 -

Office: 901-375-4400 Ext. 13

Cell: 901-830-6976

Email: [email protected]


Mr. Jorge Chicaguala

Director of Hispanic Department, Adjunct Professor

B.S.: Seminario Bíblico Interdenominacional de Chile 
(Interdenominational Bible Seminary of Chile), 1957

Ministries: 1957 -

Director: Instituto Bíblico de Paraguay (Paraguayan Bible Institute),  1963-73
Director: Instituto Bíblico de Uruguay (Uruguayan Bible Institute),  1973-76

Director: Seminario de Extensión Cristo Para Las Naciones
(Christ For the Nations Extension  Seminary), Argentina,  1984-86
Instructor: MSCC,  2001-

Office: 901-375-4400 Ext. 14

Cell: 901-493-0360

Email: [email protected]


Mr. Brent Linn

Director of Student Services, Adjunct Professor
B.A.: Cincinnati Christian University, 1988
M.A.: Cincinnati Christian University, 2002
M.Div.: Cincinnati Christian University, 2003
Missionary - Venezuela, 1984 - 2006
MSCC, 2007-
Office: 901-375-4400, Ext. 19
Cell: 419-377-6306
Email: [email protected]

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Mr. Jerry D. Kennedy, Librarian


Lincoln Christian College, 1958-62
B.A.: Southern Illinois University, 1975
M.A.: Southern Illinois University, 1979
Professional Experience:
Ministries, 1962-
Librarian, Menard Correctional Center, 1974-83
Librarian, St. Louis Christian College, 1983-90
Librarian, MSCC, 1992-


Mr. David Veillon

Director of Development

Office: 901-375-4400 ext. 18

Cell: 901-487-3822

Email: [email protected]



Dr. Gregory S. Waddell

Director of Institutional Improvement, Adjunct Professor

B.A. Cincinnati Bible College, Bible and Christian Ministries, 1982

M.A. Cincinnati Christian Seminary, Practical Ministries, 1990

M.A. Azusa Pacific University, Organizational Development and Leadership, 1999

Doctor of Strategic Leadership, Regent University, 2007.

Missionary 1982-1990, Team Expansion

Missionary 1991-2004, Envoy Christian Mission

Executive Director, 2004-2006, Envoy Christian Mission

MSCC Instructor 2004-

MSCC Assistant to the President 2004 -

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Office: 901-375-4400 Ext. 15

Cell: 901-581-5735

Email: [email protected]
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Mike Sullivan - Business Manager
Office: 901-375-4400, Ext. 12
Cell: 901-653-6834
Email: [email protected]

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