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Ministry Practicum
Bible Colleges provide a strong theoretical foundation, but too often experience has to wait until after students graduate. Professors talk in hypothetical terms about what might happen once you are actually in a located ministry. They mostly answer questions the students haven't yet asked.

Mid-South Christian College, however, is committed to a philosophy of education based on Action Learning, in which students will be involved in actual ministry experience throughout their college career. Professors in class will structure their assignments and lectures around the real issues raised by the students in their ministry experiences. Theory and practice are merged, resulting in an incredibly effective program for preparing Christian ministry leaders.

As part of their "Ministry Formation," every student at Mid-South Christian College is required to participate in some sort of ministry experience each semester. The technical term for these experiences is "Ministry Practicum". Before you graduate from MSCC you will be required to have amassed at least 8 semester hours of credit in a ministry practicum.

Two Options

1. Cohort Ministry Formation Track

  • These students form a Ministry Task Force during their first semester at Mid-South Christian College.
  • Along with Faculty Mentors, the team will define, plan, implement and evaluate an actual ministry experience over the course of eight (8) semesters.
  • Each member of the cohort team will take a minimum of 12 semester hours determined for them by the cohort team mentors, in consultation with the office of the Academic Dean and in later semesters with the cohort team members themselves.
  • Cohort team members will sign and fulfill a Cohort Team Covenant, delineating all expectations, requirements, and commitments.
  • Each member of the Cohort Team will write an Integrative Paper at the end of each semester, demonstrating the integration of their classroom academic preparation and the practical lessons learned during the Ministry Task Force experience.
  • Each member of the Cohort Team will receive a small monetary stipend to assist with their personal financial obligations.

2. Individual Ministry Formation Track

  • These students seek out an opportunity to minister as an "intern" in a church or ministry of their own choosing.
  • These students are supervised by a mentor from the staff of the ministry or church in which they serve.
  • The students choose their own courses in accordance with the guidelines given in MSCC's Academic Catalog.
  • Mid-South Christian College will grant 2 semester hours of credit for an internship that covers 3 to 6 months of full time ministry involvement under the supervision and mentorship of a trained and experienced leader. A part-time ministry of at least 10 hours a week will be given consideration for I semester hour of credit as a practicum.
  • At the end of the internship or semester the student will present to the Academic department two reports, a reflection paper summarizing what they did, discovered, experienced and learned through the internship experience, and an evaluation by the ministry mentor of the internship experience.
  • Monetary compensation, if any, will be determined and paid by the church or ministry hosting the intern.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the benefit of the Cohort Ministry Formation Track, especially if it means I can't choose my own classes?
  2. Becoming part of a cohort ministry task force team means you will not just be a student, but will also become a team member. You will learn to do ministry together with others who will have differing gifts, personalities and styles. You will learn valuable lessons about team dynamics, and the give and take of real ministry. Furthermore, MSCC cannot assist or closely monitor your ministry experiences as an individual intern, but as part of the cohort team you will be mentored by competent faculty.

  3. If I don't like the Cohort Ministry Formation Track, can I switch to the individual Ministry Formation Track?
  4. Part of learning to be an effective minister is learning the discipline of commitment and perseverance. For that reason we prefer that students make a sincere effort to stay with the team, especially after they have omitted to completing a ministry project. However, if you feel you must switch to the individual track, you can do so at the beginning of the ext semester.

  5. If I am part of the Ministry Task Force, can also supply preach or take a weekend ministry?
  6. No, your commitment will be to the task force team, and you will need to give them a full-time commitment.

  7. If I can't work on weekends, how will I pay for my food and other personal expenses?
  8. Each member of the Ministry Task Force will receive a small, monthly stipend to assist with expenses.

  9. If I am in the Individual Ministry Formation track, but still want to work with the Ministry Task Force Team on their project, can that count towards my practicum requirement?
  10. Yes, if the team agrees to accept the intern, and if the Faculty Mentor is willing to serve as the interns supervisor.

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