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Our Core Values

Bible. The Bible as the inspired Word of God will form the foundation of everything that is taught at Mid-South Christian College.

Missions. The ultimate goal of this ministry will be the salvation of lost souls around the world through obedience to the Great Commission and the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Integrity. Mid-South Christian College will demand integrity from its Administration, Faculty, Staff and Students.

Heritage. The college will always maintain its identity with Restoration Movement principles, which were a fundamental part of her founding.

Stewardship. Sound financial practices will govern the solicitation, administration and allocation of all material resources.

Quality. Excellence will be sought in every aspect of the planning, execution and evaluation of this ministry.

Unity. We will strive to live out the scriptural teaching that Jesus came to tear down the walls that divide the nations creating one new people of God united in Christ.

Freedom. We will uphold Academic Freedom within the guiding principles of speaking where the Bible speaks and allowing opinions where the Bible is silent.

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