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A Letter from President Griffin

Mid-South Christian College is an institution of Biblical Higher Education with an extremely focused emphasis. Our desire is not to provide an "all around" education for any and all individuals, but rather to concentrate our efforts on a specialized program, aimed at a well-defined student. We are focused on ministry!

A Ministry Focused College is more concerned about the mission than the tradition. It is focused more on the calling than on the credits alone. We exist to expand God's kingdom by raising up leaders, preparing them for ministry, and assisting them in carrying out the mission God has called them to fulfill.

A Ministry Focused Faculty is more of a mentor than a purveyor of knowledge. They are focused on advancing the student rather than advancing their career. Our professors have not just studied an area of expertise, but have actually spent years ministering and refining principles into practical, real world applications.

A Ministry Focused Student wants to get more out of college than a degree. They want more out of life than a job. From their very first semester our students form Ministry Cohort Teams that not only acquire excellent academic preparation, but actually reach out in service to the community, grappling with challenging and significant ministry issues.

At Mid-South Christian College you will not find a multitude of educational tracks, a myriad of course offerings, or a tangled web of activity through which you must navigate. Instead, you will find an administration, a faculty and a student body focused on working together to fulfill God's Great Commission.

It is my hope and prayer that you find focus for your life and a place to grow at Mid-South Christian College.


Larry A. Griffin
Mid-South Christian College