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Name Position Phone
Danny Barulli Adjunct Professor, Greek and Theology
Jorge Chicaguala Director of Hispanic Relations (901) 375-4400, Ext. 112
Dr. Al Merchant Adjunct Professor, Bible and Archeology
Brent Linn Director of Student Services (901) 375-4400, Ext. 115
Dr. Don Ott Adjunct Professor, Psychology and Counseling
Dr. Tim Viner Adjunct Professor, Missions and Communications
Georgina Chicaguala Adjunct Professor, Christian Education and Health Sciences (901) 375-4400, Ext. 113
Dr. Clark McKinney Associate Professor of Bible, Theology and Christian Education
Dr. Rick Wood Adjunct Professor
Roger Hagan Adjunct Professor, Literature
Stephen Cox Adjunct Professor
Quintel Cooks Adjunct Professor