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Students who are interested in combining Bible College training with a vocational or technical program will find a wide range of opportunities in Memphis, Tennessee and Mid-South Christian College. Southwest Tennessee Community College and Northwest Mississippi Community College are reasonably close to MSCC. Mid-South Christian College will work with the student to design a combination program to meet the student's career goals.

Some programs available through these secular institutions include: Accounting Technology, Hotel and Restaurant Management Technology, Funeral Services Technology, Administrative Support Services Technology, Respiratory Care Technology, Marketing Management Technology, and Practical Nursing. Courses are available in Accountancy, General Business, Computer Information Systems, Office Administration, Business Education, elementary Education, Secondary Education, English, general College, Pre-Law, Psychology, Sociology, and Science.

In three years, a student can earn an Associate Degree in one of the above disciplines and at the same time earn either a Certificate in Bible or an Associate Degree from Mid-South Christian College. The credential earned at MSCC during that time depends on the student's program at the secular institution. MSCC will work with the student in designing the best possible program.