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This is a 2-years, 66 semester hours, certificate program.

The Certificate in Christian Ministry is awarded upon the completion of 66 semester hours. This program is designed for mature students who have past education and experience, which would compensate for a longer program. It will provide adequate preparation for such a student who wants to engage in a bi-vocational ministry or to serve after retirement from another vocation. It is not recommended for the younger student who plans to spend his life in the preaching ministry. However, the credits earned in this program could be applied toward a degree if the student should decide to pursue further studies.

Objectives of the Certificate In Christian Ministry

Upon the completion of this program, the student shall:
  1. Demonstrate an increased knowledge of the Bible and Christian Doctrine.
  2. Demonstrate his ability to use verbal and exegetical skills in an oral presentation of the gospel in an individual and group situation.
  3. Demonstrate his ability to perform the traditional duties of a Christian minister by officiating at regular and special services of the church, weddings and funerals, and administering the program of a local congregation.
  4. Demonstrate by attitude, study and work habits his commitment to the preaching ministry and the local church as God’s means of proclaiming redemption in Christ.
  5. The Academic Core Learning Threads which apply to the Certificate in Christian Ministry include:
    • Relevant Ministry
    • Individual Giftedness
    • Biblical Exposition
    • Public Communication
    • Spiritual Development
    • Cross-cultural capability
    • Reasoning Ability