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The Bachelor of Christian Leadership [BCL] is an innovative program of Christian ministry preparation consisting of university level courses taught in a variety of delivery formats, such as lectures, laboratories, practicums, seminars, and online courses. It is a cohort program where students become part of a ministry team, studying and working together over the course of four years. Students will acquire not only the academic skills, but also the practical and team building experience necessary for Christian ministry in today’s church.

The Bachelor of Christian Leadership program is specifically designed to fulfill the stated mission of facilitating the academic, practical and spiritual preparation of Christian ministers. The program includes academic elements, biblical and spiritual preparation, as well as hands-on, practical experience in the Christian ministry. All seven of the MSCC Academic Core Learning Threads are covered in this program.

The Bachelor of Christian Leadership program is divided into four principal components, each becoming the focus of one academic year. During year one the focus is on Team Dynamics, year two focuses on Planning and Project Management, year three deals with Christian Community Outreach, and year four will concentrate on Church and Ministry Formation. During the four year program students will actually participate in a church planting endeavor.

The program begins with basic Bible study tools and learning to work with others in a team ministry setting. As the student progresses through the program courses become more demanding academically. Skills in ministry, strategic planning and project management move them toward the launching of a ministry program in a local community before graduation. SS101 Introduction to MSCC not only introduces the student to college life but also serves as a preassessment benchmark for the individual student. BS490 Senior Capstone Laboratory is a time to assess the student’s experience at MSCC and verify that learning has met our minimum expectations as stated in our seven Academic Core Learning Threads [ACLT].

Students who successfully graduate from this program will receive a Bachelor of Christian Leadership degree from Mid-South Christian College. They will be adequately prepared academically, spiritually, and practically to lead a church planting effort, become employed in a church staff position, or serve the Christian church as a missionary.

Course descriptions for each course can be found in the college's Academic Catalog.