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The core program of the Associates Degree is the same regardless of the area of ministry chosen by the student. Eight semester hours must be chosen from one of the following ministry areas:

  • Christian Education,
  • Church Growth/Missions, or
  • Preaching/Pastoral Ministry.

Associate Degree Objectives

Associate Degree programs are not designed to provide training for full-time leadership roles in ministry. They are designed for students who want to work in a supportive or assistant's position, or who want to combine training for ministry with another vocation.

Upon completion of an Associate Degree the student shall:

  1. Demonstrate an increased knowledge of the Bible and Christian doctrine.
  2. Demonstrate a basic knowledge of the principles and methods involved in his chosen area of ministry.
  3. Demonstrate skills necessary to assist leaders in his chosen area of ministry.

The credits earned in an Associate Degree will apply towards a Bachelor's degree if the student later decides to continue his education at Mid-South Christian College.

No student will be awarded an Associate Degree who has already earned a Bachelor's Degree. A student who expects to earn an Associate Degree in two years should express his desire as early as possible, but in no case later than the beginning of his second year.