Faculty Credentials


Adjunct Professor, Missions and Church Growth

Mr. Larry A. Griffin

B.A.: Mid-South Christian College, 1981

M.A.: Fuller Theological Seminary, 1986

Ministries, 1978-

Missionary with Team Expansion, 1982-2000

MSCC 1994

Executive Vice-President: MSCC, 2000-2001

President, 2001-


Adjunct Professor, Bible and Pastoral Ministries

Mr. Wray Graham
B.S.L.: Ozark Christian College, 1972
M.T.S.: Tyndale University College & Seminary, Toronto, Canada 1982

Ph.D. Studies Trinity College & Seminary

Missionary with TCM, 1971-76

Missionary with Global Missionary Ministries 1976-1984

Cross-cultural pastoral ministry in Toronto, Canada: 1975-1997

Preaching ministry in MS1997 - 2003

Preaching ministry in TN 2003 -

Instructor: Ontario Christian Seminary, 1976 - 1996

Associate Professor of Bible and Pastoral Ministries: MSCC, 1997 - 

Academic Dean: MSCC 2000 -


Adjunct Professor, Christian Ministries

Mr. Jorge Chicaguala

B.S.: Seminario Bíblico Interdenominacional de Chile 
(Interdenominational Bible Seminary of Chile), 1957

Ministries: 1957 -

Director: Instituto Bíblico de Paraguay (Paraguayan Bible Institute),  1963-73
Director: Instituto Bíblico de Uruguay (Uruguayan Bible Institute),  1973-76

Director: Seminario de Extensión Cristo Para Las Naciones
(Christ For the Nations Extension  Seminary), Argentina,  1984-86
Instructor: MSCC,  2001-




Ms. Judi Adams

Mid-South Christian College 1998-2003
University of Memphis 1998-
Youth Work 1998-
Education Coordinator in Arkansas 1999-2001
Youth Ministry in TN 2001-


Adjunct Professor, Missions and Communications

Mr. Walter T. Viner

B.A.: Mid-South Christian College,  1975

M.A.: University of Mississippi,  1981

M.A.: Cincinnati Bible College and Seminary,  1985 

Ph.D.Studies: University of Memphis

Missionary to Thailand,  1976-78
Ministries,  1978-

Chiang Mai Bible Institute,  1976-78
MSCC,  1978-


Adjunct Professor, Bible and Archaeology

Dr Alton D. Merchant

B.S.L.: Ozark Christian College, 1975
M. Div.: Lincoln Christian Seminary, 1980
D. Min.: Trinity College & Seminary, 1999
M.A.C.E: Union Theological Seminary and Presbyterian School of Christian Education, 2004
PhD. studies: Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary
Ministries, 1975-
Full Member: The Evangelical Theological Society Member: The Near Eastern Archaeological Society Member: Associates for Biblical Research Faculty Service: MSCC, 1998-


Adjunct Professor, Greek and Theology

Mr. Daniel D. Barulli

B.S.: U.S. Military Academy, West Point, 1988

M.Div.: Harding University Graduate School of Religion, 1998

Professional Experience:

Federal Express, Manager, Engineer, 1997-

MSCC, 1997-


Adjunct Professor, Biblical Studies


Mr. Jonathan Camp

B.A.: Harding University, 1995

M. Div.: Harding University and Graduate School of Religion 1999

D. Min. Studies: Abilene Christian University

Ministires: 1994-

Quito School of Biblical Studies, 2000-2001 MSCC: 2003-


Adjunct Faculty, Christian Education and Health Sciences


Mrs. Georgina Chicaguala

B.S: Seminario Bíblico Interdenominacional de Chile, 1957

Nursing Degree: Escuela de Enfermería, Montevideo, Uruguay, 1981

Ministries: 1957-

Missionary with Team Expansion, 1987-1994

Nurse, Hospital Evangélico, Montevideo, Uruguay, 1973-1994

Preschool Teacher, Morning Star Preschool, Montevideo, Uruguay, 1991-1994

Instituto Bíblico de Paraguay, Asunción, Paraguay, 1963-1973

MSCC, 2003-


Adjunct Faculty, Multi-Culturalism and Biblical Studies


Mr. Kirk E. Cooper

A.A: White Pines College 1977
B.S.: Freed-Hardeman University 1980
M.A.R Harding Graduate School of Religion 1994

Ministires: 1994-

MSCC: 2005-


Adjunct Faculty, Church History and Old Testament

Mr. Robert C. Griffin

B.A.: Mid-South Christian College, 1981

M. Div.: Harding University Graduate School, 2000

Ph. D.: Studies University of Memphis

Ministries: 1991-

MSCC, 2001-


Adjunct Faculty, Music and Worship


Mr. Dave Lewellen

B.A.: Cincinnati Bible College, 1984

Ministires: 1984-

MSCC: 2005-


Adjunct Faculty, Psychology and Counseling


Dr. Clark McKinney

B.A.: Ozark Christian College, 1959

M.A.: Liberty University, 1988

Ph.D.: Brighton University, 1993

Additional graduate studies: Capella University, 2002-

Ministries, 1959-2001

Psychotherapist, The Counseling Center, Bartlett, Tennessee, 1988-97

Director, The Counseling Center, Bartlett, Tennessee, 1997-1999

Ozark Christian College 1972-1978

MSCC, 1986-88, 1999-

Southwest Tennessee Community College, Memphis, 1995-


Adjunct Faculty, Psychology and Counseling

Dr. Don Ott

B.S.L.: Ozark Christian College, 1976

B.S.: Oral Roberts University, 1981

M.A.: Biola University, Rosemead School of Psychology, 1983

Psy, D.: Biola University, Rosemead School of Psychology, 1987

Ministries, 1970-Staff Psychologist, Counseling Associates, Russellville, AR 1987-

MSCC, 1988-

Christian Psychological Resources/CPR 1994-

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Adjunct Faculty, The Arts, Education and Spanish


Ms. Leanne M. (Neuland) Williams

B.A.: Stetson University, 1992

M.A.: Stetson University, 1997

Norwich High School, NY, 1992-1993

Stetson University, 1992-1993

Deltona High School, FL, 1993-1994

Deland Middle School, FL, 1994-2000

Humboldt High School, TN, 2000-

MSCC, 2001-


Adjunct Faculty, Pastoral Leadership


Mr. Todd Schultz

B.S.: Middle Tennessee State University 1990

M.Div.: Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary 1997

D. Min. Studies: Harding University Graduate School of Religion

Ministries, 1994-

Johnson Bible College 2002-2004
MSCC: 2005-


Adjunct Faculty


Mr. Robert G. Secrist

B.S.L.: Cincinnati Bible Seminary, 1956
M.Ed.: Mississippi State University, 1982
Ed. S. Studies: Mississippi State University

Southern Illinois University
Harding Graduate School of Religion

Ministries, 1949-

Instructor: Toronto Christian Seminary, 1958-60

Vice-President and Academic Dean: MSCC, 1986-1996


Adjunct Faculty, Christian Education


Mrs. Ruth Griffin

B.S.: Seminario Teológico Bautista del Uruguay, 1989

Missionary with Team Expansion, 1990-2000

Director and Teacher, Morning Star Preschool, Montevideo, Uruguay, 1991-1996

Preschool Teacher, Noah's Ark Learning Center, Miami, FL, 1998-1999

MSCC, 2002-


Adjunct Faculty, Christian Ministries and Leadership Studies

Mr. Gregory S. Waddell

B.A. Cincinnati Bible College, Bible and Christian Ministries, 1982

M.A. Cincinnati Christian Seminary, Practical Ministries, 1990

M.A. Azusa Pacific University, Organizational Development and Leadership, 1999

Pursuing Doctorate in Strategic Leadership, Regent University.

Missionary 1982-1990, Team Expansion

Missionary 1991-2004, Envoy Christian Mission

Executive Director, 2004-2006, Envoy Christian Mission

MSCC Instructor 2004-

MSCC Assistant to the President 2004 -

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